Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Just got home from being out with the boss all day long on client calls, which ended in a dinner with another client. Come home and get the kids lunch ready for their school tommorrow, clean some dishes and I'm beat. It's not easy being a single parent at times. I wasn't going to post but since this is a new blog and I'm trying to build up some content I decided to post something.
What can I say? I love asian women and find them very attractive. I met her one day just walking around and we struck up a conversation, which soon led to her coming back to my room where I got this photo. I sometimes like the look of direct flash, with the harsh shadows it creates. Mix that in with a little bit of tungsten lights and you can get a look I like. Now the processing on this photo included a photoshop action called professional retro. I thought it gave the photo and interesting look and feel.
Two more days until the boss leaves.....