Saturday, December 8, 2007


Let's face it, photos of naked girls get hits. It doesn't matter if the photo is junk or not, in fact the more pornographic the photo is, the more hits it gets. I've tried it on pbase posting my worst photo of a girl with her legs spread and another of the same girl in more of an artistic nude pose. Guess which one gets more hits and more comments......
It is raining crazy here today, which means I will be inside for awhile. Later I hope to meet up with a young woman who has these incredible traditional samoan tattoos on her legs. If I can only get her to agree to pose. We will have to wait and see.
Christine was photographed in a hotel and she is from the Philippines. She was working at a restaurant when I saw her and we started up a conversation. She agreed to come back to the hotel after work and this is one of the photographs I took.
The post processing was done in photoshop. I used an action I had downloaded called Lomo_v2. After I ran that action I ran midnight black. I kind of like the effect it gave.
I'm still debating whether to download the newest photoshop CS3. So far I have been fine with the older version and with Christmas coming up I will probably wait a while. Plus, Santa needs to bring me another hard drive as I have almost filled up my most recent one.