Sunday, December 16, 2007

Getting Old

I'm getting old. I admit it, my days of going out and drinking all night long are getting lame. Recently pulled an all night session with a girl I met. We started at 10PM and went all night (drinking and partying that is).... At least it wasn't me dancing on the table. Damn wild night and we left with the sun comming up. By then I had only one thing on my mind and that was sleep. I slept all day but luckily didn't wake up that afternoon with a hangover. She was feeling the "love" from drinking all night long but by 9:00 she wanted to go out again. I had other things planned like getting rid of her so I could get some sanity back in my life. Took another three nights/days before the sanity kicked in an I had finally had enough. I guess I'm at the point in my life where going out to dinner and seeing a nice movie is a good night for me.
This was taken at about 4AM (I think). I have been using my 550ex attached to a Canon camera shoe cord. it allows me to hold the camera in one hand and the flash in my left hand. At least that way I get it off camera and have some more control. It still allows me to use E-TTL which lets the camera control the flash. I also have pocketwizards but for something quick this works well. I use is a lot with my 17-85 zoom lens and it works well with my wide angle and nifty 50 also. Try to hold a long lens (like my 70-200) in one hand and the flash in the other and you will die unless you have the kung fu grip.


Dave Rudin said...

Hi, there.

I just noticed that you've got my blog listed and linked on your site as one of your favorites. Just wanted to say thank you. It's always gratifying when I find out that somebody out there likes my work.

I'll try to find time to look over your blog, too. I'm sure that there are many beautiful island women who've been in front of your camera.



D. Brian Nelson said...

What Dave said. Thanks.


pacifika said...

Both of your work is great and I visit your sites often. They are great sites. Thanks for visiting.

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